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Back in college, I would remember my professor telling us that an applicant’s resumè tells it all.

First and foremost, make sure to have your name in bold followed by your complete address, contact number and e-mail address. Don’t forget to attach as well a 2×2 sized formal picture of yourself.

Your resumè is divided into several parts: Position Desired, Career Objective, Personal Data, Educational Background, Work Experiences and Character References.

Position Desired/Career Objective
Never forget to indicate the position you desire to apply and your career objective which must be parallel to the company’s mission vission.

Personal Data
Under this part must include details such: Birthday, Birthdate, Age, Height, Weight, Status, Language/s spoken to, Mother’s Name, Father’s Name, Religion, and Citizenship.

Educational Background
Prioritize college degree or master’s degree. Indicate the school you have graduated and the year you have graduated. This must be presented in a columnar format. Under the SCHOOL column, write your course or degree followed by the school and it’s address. The other column must show the year when you graduated. It would be a plus if you can indicate the exact date of graduation.

Work Experiences
Divide this part into three columns: POSITION,COMPANY and INCLUSIVE YEARS. Under the column, Position, write your specific position and add one or two sentences explaining the nature of your worl. Under Company, must appear the name of the companies you have worked with and their address and contact numbers. And in the last column which is Inclusive Years, write the exact month and date when you started and ended working in a particular company.

Character References
In this part, write three names of persons who know you not on a personal level but on a professional level. These people may be a former manager of the previous companies you have worked with or anyone who can give good feedback about how you work. Make sure that they are informed before putting their names on your resumè. Write also the name of the companies they are connected, their position, address of the company and their contact numbers.

Lastly, never forget to affix your signature over printed name on the lower right part of the last page of your resumè.

The secret to a winning resumè includes simplicity of the format (Don’t use too much colors on it; black and white is still appealing except for the 2×2 picture) and make it brief and concise.

Good luck and happy summer job hunting!